Everything comes from     God alone.

Everything lives by His power, and everything is for His glory.

ROMANS 11:36


Christ is the center

of our business.



We always aim to please God in delivering our best over the burden of tedious work with honesty and sincerity.


We are confident on the taste.


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We are so grateful and  thankful for all our customers who appreciate our products and effort.

Lubos kaming nasisiyahan na malaman na nakapagbigay ng "impact" at "excitement" ang aming produkto sa inyong espesyal na okasyon, selebrasyon at iba pang uri ng salo-salo, maging sa "promotions" at "events" o sa simpleng pagbibigay ng regalo.

Our aspiration is to serve you in our sweetest effort again and again.



PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Bar & Wrappers, Superman pop, Soccer Pop and Basketball Pop”

I wanna thank www.sulit.com.ph dahil sila yung naging way para makita ko tong choclit talk...More than 2 months akong naghanap ng gagawin kong give aways para sa mga guests para sa first birthday ni Jj...Actually meron na akong give aways para sa mga ninong at ninang super mahal kaya di ko kayang magpagawa ng ganung giveaways para sa others guest...I'm looking for something new and something unique...until nakita ko yung mga comments ng previous customers ni Kuya Rico...Inisip kong baka hindi magustuhan ng mga guests ko yung lasa ng chocolate kasi nga mura sya...Kaya we find time to look for his store para matikman ko yung chocolate...Super nagustuhan ng baby ko yung chocolate binilhan ko kasi sya nun as a welcome token ko sa pagdating nyo from Mindanao..Pagdating ng bahay ng makita nya yung chocolate pop hindi na talaga nya binitawan hanggang di maubos, eh pag di nya gusto ang lasa tinatapon nya agad..pero sa chocolate pop na yun sobrang inubos nya talaga...pati nga yung sa mama ko na binigay ko kukunin nya pa...Sya yung nag encourage saken na yun na lang ang gawing giveaways sa other guest...Sobrang natuwa yung mga guest ko talaga...pati yung mga bata natuwa sa basketball pop, superman pop at soccer pop na inorder ko..sabi nga nila "tita yeng wala na po ba?" pati nga mga matatanda parang ayaw nilang buksan yung mga giveaways kasi sayang raw yung lalagyan...Dahil sa naubos yung chocolate bars na give aways nung birthday nagpadagdag pa ulit ako kay Kuya Rico after ng birthday para sa ibang guest na hindi nakakuha kasi sinisingil nila ako bakit sila raw wala...kahit tapos na yung birthday pag napapadaan ako sa store nya nakakabili talaga ako para pasalubong sa anak ko...I'm so happy talaga sa naging reactions ng mga guest ko...then they ask me kung san ko raw pinagawa yun...pati nga yung boss ng hubby ko before pinatanong pa sa kasama nya sa friend namin kung san raw namin pinagawa...sana umorder rin sila...Thank you so much kuya rico...sana next year ulit...More power to Choclittalk!!!!



PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Bar & Wrappers”


I just would like to share with you the success of my daughter’s party, which greatly includes your chocolates J

Last Sunday, June 7th, was my daughter’s 7th birthday. The party was held at Grilla Bar & Grill Restaurant in Kalayaan Avenue corner Rockwell Drive in Makati City. The theme was Hawaiian Luau. About two weeks ago, I was in constant communication with Rico of Choclittalk for I was urgently placing an order of 70 pcs. of mid-sized chocolate bars with personalized wrapper. I got these stuff from Rico because his chocolates were the most reasonably priced among those I have inquired about, also his website houses great information about the stuff they offer, with all the previous stuff he has worked on. The party was just about to come to a close when I decided to have the chocolate giveaways distributed to the guests. In less than five minutes, the basket that contained the chocolates was sifted! None was left! My guests were practically hoarding the stuff in their pockets! Comments I heard were:” these are so cute!”, “what a unique idea!”, “the wrapper is very lovely and entertaining!” I was astounded with their reactions since this idea was a last-minute one, since I already prepared for souvenirs/giveaways for the adults. I just thought of adding these just in case the original giveaways would not be enough for all the guests.

After the party, I got text messages from family and friends raving about the chocolates’ taste. Very delicious daw! I am happy and proud that I got these from you. So to you Rico and the rest of the Choclittalk family, thanks so much! I’m thinking of a next event so I could place an order again, hehe!

Thanks so much for your help and for the yummy chocolates! Congratulations and more power!




PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Bar & Wrappers and multi-type choco pops”


Last September 13 was my daughter's first birthday and I wanted everything to be perfect on that day.

The food was good and satisfying, the host was really funny and very entertaining, the guests participated in the games and everybody, including the birthday celebrant, really had fun during the party. What made it extra special was the chocolate bar giveaways from ChoclitTalk.  It was a hit and everybody was waiting for the time when the chocolate bars will be given away.

After the party, i received a lot of text messages from the guests on how good the chocolates were and how cute and amazing is the chocolate wrapper. Although they love the premium chocolate, most of the guests were really surprised on the yummy flavor of cookies n' cream.  They even asked about ChoclitTalk; I elaborated that Rico is really efficient and add that dealing business with him is quite a stress-free experience.  

I really made a smart decision to make chocolate bars as the party giveaways.

The chocolate bar giveaways were absolutely fabulous and it did made the first birthday celebration of my daughter perfect!


Thanks Rico!


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Bar & Wrappers and multi-type choco pops”


I have been planning to give our son a memorable christening.  Since i gave birth, I've been asking friends for tips and ideas on having an adorable party with lots of fun and exciting give aways. 

Thank God I have this friend, Toni, way back in Silliman University.  She gave me such a wonderful idea for RAKI's party give aways.  She told me to check out CHOCLITTALK.  And it all started there....

Mr. Rico del Rosario is such an accommodating entrepreneur.  Not to mention, he has a Santa spirit deep within.  He gives a very early Christmas gift in his own little, or should i say big way.  A gift my husband and I really appreciated a lot.  Thanks Mr. Rico!!!

As for the chocolates.... PERFECT! AMAZING!  Guests love it as much as we do.  They even asked for more.

More power to you, CHOCLITTALK!

Kathleen, Kolai, Marcis, and BABY RAKI



PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Bar & Wrappers Mid-size, Personalized Kisses and Invites”

"I was having a  hard time then what to give as a token for my son, Rom Cymon, on his Christening day until one time we attended a wedding wherein they have given out chocolates from choclit talk...by then, I did not think twice to get in touch with choclit talk though I was having ideas that it may be  an expensive token but still I pursued it..After talking to Rico, I was quite surprised, his items were affordable and yet his ideas were just more than what I have been looking for. Other than that, he was very professional and easy to deal with.Thank you so much for being part of our son's event and I am looking forward doing business with you again."

Cheryl R. Pico


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Bar & Wrappers and Bite-size”

"Being first-time parents, my husband and I wanted to make our daughter's baptism special.  Thank you Rico for helping making it so.  Our guests enjoyed the chocolate bars as favors.  As a client, it was very easy coordinating with Rico.  I truly liked the idea that he designs a different wrapper for each client.  The quality of his products is excellent. Service was warm and personal.  More power, Choclit Talk!  All the best!"

Marah Estuesta


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Bar & Wrappers and Bite-size”

I would just like to thank you again for the very nice choco bars and minis that you've made for us. it indeed added a charming highlight on our son's baptism celebration last sunday. guests have taken more than 3 pcs to show to other friends. am sending you some of the pics of your product during the celebration..... needless to say, expect more orders from some of our guests in the near future...

Donna Maneclang


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Bars & Wrappers”

At an early age, i noticed that my son, Audric, was already a chocolate addict. He loooves chocolates so much, that's why I thought of giving away personalized chocolates as souvenirs for his first birthday party. At first I was having hesitations, because imagining a personalized chocolate, then it must be to expensive. But thank God, He lead my way in finding Rico of Choclit Talk. He gave me the best offer I can ever found out there! For only 30 pesos?! It's really budget friendly! But of course, different questions came into my mind. Will it be beautiful?! Will it be delicious?! What would my guests say?! But Rico told me, that I don't have to worry about the designs and all, that he will make it uniquely as possible. And he let me taste some pieces of chocolates too! And it's so delicious! Especially the white chocolate... Hmmmmmm... Yummmmy.... Then I thought, these will definately add spice to my son's first birthday party! And i wasn't wrong! Kids including parents were asking me to give them more! hahaha! Some ate it! Some kept it! Everybody were asking me, where did I have it made?! Can I have his contact number?! Some even thanked me, for I gave them ideas for their kids birthdaylorenvmoraga... I will never forget this occasion of mine, everybody were happy and amazed!

Thanks Rico for the chocolates! It's more than I ever expected! We will definitely see each other soon! (For my son's 2nd birthday) hahaha... 

Loren V. Moraga



GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Bar & Wrappers”

Super galing sa layout,  i didnt even have to visit his place, finished them on time, very professional... highly recommended ang chocolates nya.  Pwede giveaways sa wedding... sa christmas.. syempre sa akin giveaway sa ibang occasion.  Very beautiful chocolates, my client really loved it and I definetly will do more business with you.  Two Thumbs UP




PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Dog Pop”

I absolutely love the dog-shaped pop that i ordered.  the design is so cute -- exceeded my expectations actually.  i wasn't able to get one during the party though, because everyone wanted one!  according to my friends, the chocolate (white choco with oreo bits) was just right -- not too sweet, not too soft, and not too hard.  i will highly recommend you to my friends who are planning to give out edible souvenirs  =)




PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Bars & Wrappers; ChocoPop - Mickey Mouse Shape”


The chocos were a hit with my guests especially with the kids.......thanks so much for everything........hope to do business with you again soon!!

Glad to be of help to your business.  Baka nga yan na din lang ang pang-gift sa christmas....will let you know soon......thanks again!


Janery Jill Jacinto Magallona


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized ChocoPop”

Btw , my Gelo loved the chocos so much , matutulog na katabi pa, muntik na hindi ipamigay coz he wanted it for him lang daw! Thank you !

Valerie Jane Badon


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Choco Bars & Wrappers”

Just want to share to you that guests were so amazed with our give aways...some balikbayan relatives reserved theirs to show it to friends when they go back.. it really added color to the party. Thanks!

Tonette Balanag -- Skyfreight


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Choco Bars & Wrappers and Choco Lollipop”


The label is really cute, Really very creative.. I’m really impressed! Good job! :)

Ivy Fajardo -- Dell


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Choco Bars & Wrappers and Choco Lollipop”


I am so happy with the chocolates! Both the choco bar and the Pops. My guests really liked it and kept on asking where they could order some. It was a very delightful surprise for my guests when they received their chocolates. If you want to create an impact, this is one way to do it.
Highly recommended, A+++ quality and creativity. They are very easy to deal with and their ideas are GREAT!


Lui Solon

EMEA OTC - Export Division - Cebu


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Choco Bars & Wrappers”


Wow, I was really happy when I saw your design... I REALLY LIKE IT! you are gifted!! 

Mel Jose --


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Choco Bars & Wrappers and Marshmallow pop”


The party was fun. Everybody enjoyed your chocolates!

Grace Chan -- QC


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS: “Personalized Chocolate Bar and Giant Pop”

The chocolates sure did add up to the fun of my baby’s Christening. Even though my baby couldn’t talk yet, the guests themselves can attest to this. The chocolates did not only look good, but more importantly, they tasted good! Thanks a lot to Choclit talk!

Che Arroyo -- Cainta


SOUVENIRS/GIVE-AWAYS: “Chocolate Basketball Lollipop” by Choclit Talk  

The basketball pops are great... All of my guests kept on asking me where did I get those. The kids loved it (esp. the parents)

Crimson Amador


PARTY FAVORS/GIVE-AWAYS:  “Personalized Choco pops, Choco Bars, Giant Bars & Wrappers”


Chocklit Talk products not only tastes good but are also budget friendly - the designs are so innovative.

During party, everyone loved the Janaya Pop and the Janaya Bars. They loved  it, can't  even wait  to get those curious hands on the Janaya Giant Choco Bar which i put beside the cakes for display. I guess super curious talaga.

My mom was also happy with the Granny Giant Choco Bar that she didn't even want to eat it till now! 

I sincerely thank the guys behind Choclit Talk for the wonderful party goodies.  I will surely recommend you to all of my friends.

PS Love the new look of the site!



Mommy Jay & Baby Janaya -- QC



SOUVENIRS/GIVE-AWAYS: “Flower Choco Pops and Personalized Choco Bar” by Choclit Talk

Rate : 10++

I really wanted something edible this time for give-aways. When a friend introduced me about this “Talking Pop!”, biglang gumana na agad ang creative side ng utak ko na I wanted a colored flowered shape chocolates.

Since it’s customized, I thought na mahal pero he gave me a special rate for this, kayang kaya din naman pala for budgetarians. It’s manually crafted kasi sya mismo ang gumagawa ng mold kaya lahat ng pwede mong maisip na designs pwede. When it comes to the design wala talagang magiging problema. And the best of all, masarap sya talaga especially the white chocolates.

My husband who’s a chocolate critic, nasarapan din kaya were so happy about this. I also ordered  personalized chocolate bar for the Ninongs and Ninangs. Yung ibang suppliers minimum of 100 pcs kaya kahit gusto kong umorder hindi kaya ng powers ng bulsa ko pero this time na-afford ko na din sya. Aside from the personalized label, naka engraved ang name ni Jewel sa loob ng bar and yung God’s Gift naman naka emboss.

Compared with other label meron pa syang hard plastic kaya kahit ilagay sa ref hindi nabubura yung print nung label.               

Jenny Lopez Gana -- QC



SOUVENIR:  “Blue Corporate colored pop”

Wow ang ganda! Its worth it naman pala, i didn't expect na makukuha yung kulay, sulit talaga.... pede ba ko magfranchise sa Ilo-ilo.

Mafe Utod -- Alabang